Paul Harris Fellows

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Paul Harris Fellows

Active Members

Alan Bartlett
Dave Bly
Bill Brambilla

Bob Elliott
Alice Ford with sapphire
Kevin Geiser with sapphire
Bob Gifford
Bob Kynast with sapphire
Dave Krieger
Pam Pappas
Brian Saxton with sapphire
Lee Scherwitz
Jim Schueneman *
Jim Smith with three sapphires
Sarah Stocker
Bob Sykora *
Julie Webb with sapphire

Other Honorees of the Club

Bob Basselman *
Ann Dahmer
Barry Davis
Joan Emlong
Larry Eagle *
Richard Ford
Larry Gavin
Mike Hallman *
Dennis Herrold with two sapphires *
Bob Herman
Jim Hosbein *
Terry Laurin *
Kathy McCourt *
Anna Murphy
Jim Peterson, with sapphire
Joan Smith
Ruth Smith
Keene Taylor *

* Charter Members