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Profits to be donated to Rotary International’s Polio Plus
Contact Alice Ford for more information or to buy these items, at
Prices are higher in Ebay listings.
1.  Smokey Topaz Earrings:  3/8 square faceted stone set in heavy gold raised above posts/studs.  Priced at $40.
2.  Standing Lady Liberty $5 Gold Coin in 14k gold bezel pendant:1/10 oz., .999fine gold.  Sells for $700-800 on sale.  Priced at $350.
3. Masonic 14k gold ring, Size 10: Has engraving which can be removed.  Priced at $100.
4. Two Room Coleman Tent: Tent with divider provides two rooms.  Supporting poles and tent fit in compact storage bags approx. 4-4/4 ft. long for easy transporting or for storage. Priced at $45.
5.  Red Spinel (1.6ct) oval stone designer pendant:  Set in white and gold 14 k.     Appraised at over $1,200.  Priced at $300.
6.  Women’s heavy 14k gold ID bracelet:  Gold weighs more 23 g, no inscription, has extra safety chain.  Valued at $2,400.  Priced at $1,500.
7.  Men’s size 9 14k gold ring made into necklace with initial and chain: 10.17 g gold, has engraving which could be rubbed out, could be altered again to become a wedding ring.  Estimated value over $1,000 new.  Priced at $300
8.  Women’s 14k gold engagement or promise ring with .20 ct diamond.  Priced at $125.
9.  Pair of brass stocking hangers, priced at $15 for the pair
Each is 2 lb. 4 oz; 6.25 inches high; 2.625 inches wide; the bar sticks out 5 inches
10.  Budweiser Yellow Lab Hunting Mirror:  $275
Unique mirror, typically hung in bars.  In excellent condition.  Has identification plate on back.
11.  Detroit tigers / Miller Light “two originals” wood plaque:  $60
Another decorator piece for bar areas and Detroit Tiger fan displays.  Excellent condition with serial number and description on back.
12. KitchenAid pasta maker attachments for KitchenAid mixers:  $40
These attachments make sheets of pasta and fettucine.  Never been used. 
13.  Ludwig Glockenspiel aka as Percussion Bells: $60 (comes with case)
Previously listed items have sold: rice maker, fiesta ware, grill/griddle, guitar…
We are a long way from our goal of $2,500 for polio immunization
--Please look for things that you might want to donate.
--Don’t forget to shop for yourself. 
--Please circulate to others.