Posted on Oct 25, 2017
Kevin Edlefson, a member of the Providence World Ministry, is part of a project called La Providencia in Honduras.  Orphans are removed from traditional institutions and joined to existing families in a new community structure.  The families are recruited to be long term residents which provides two important things to orphans: a two parent household and stability. Four houses have been built along with a school and a clinic.  Families grow coffee, bananas and tilapia for food and sale.  The village is adding housing for widows to provide the "aunts" and "grandparents" for the orphans.  Rotary International has provided a $250,000 global matching grant to provide school supplies and housing needs.  Every $1 donated will be matched by $3.50 from Rotary. Click here to learn more or donate.  For more information contact the Sacramento Rotary at  .