Posted on Oct 09, 2019
The license plate displays the call sign "KF8Z" of our own Dan Utroske. Dan has been an amateur radio operator since his teen years. He has a license to operate his radio on frequencies assigned by the FCC. There are 600,000 operators in the US and two million world wide.  Dan shared some interesting facts: the space station always has an amateur operator on board; the local hospitals have base stations; the county emergency center, 911 and National Weather Service have base stations; Morse code is no longer a requirement; and the radios can be connected to computers to send email or other digital messages.  Service is a major part of amateur radio.  They participate in safety and welfare communications.  Message can be relayed coast-to-coast in two hours or less.  The local club also supports the Apple Cider Century bike ride, the CROP walk and other events.