Posted on Aug 29, 2018
A trio of Liji, Sherri and Chris were on hand to update the club.  Liji Hanny, director of operations returned to confirm their priorities as follows:
   helping kids succeed academically
   encourage healthy lifestyles
   provide opportunities for character and leadership development
With two locations serving 1,800 kids each year, from age 6 to 18 the club has tremendous impact.
   Sherri Ulleg, communications coordinator, started as a volunteer helping with the newsletter. She mentioned several programs that addressed each priority.  For Rotary, the academic programs are closest to home, such as reading, power hour and math programs.
   Chris, 17, came to the club after moving from Arkansas, the death of his mom, and his father sent to prison for drug problems. He said, "without a doubt, the club saved my life." The staff took time to build a relationship.  He even learned to shave in the Passport to Manhood program. He lives with his grandmother, but the club is his home away from home.  He's excelling in school and looking forward to his senior year and then on to college.  He also serves as Junior Staff at the youth campus, where his personal experience makes it easy for him to relate  to the kids like him. The club has made him "confident, more understanding and a true leader."  He asked for the photo below as a reminder of day.