Posted on Apr 04, 2018
Our own Bob Gifford presented his third and final installment of local electricity.  The image above is a schematic of the type of reactor at the Cook plant.  It  features three completely separate circulating systems: from left, the reactor loop, the generator loop and the cooling loop. Bob reported that AEP plans to continue operating the plant even if a few others are closing theirs.  Bob was selected by AEP to oversee the construction and establish the control systems. The sheer size of the equipment made the project unique.  Most of the central elements were brought in by barge. AEP established a rule for the design that it must always be under the control of a human operator.  Hard copies of operating manuals are always nearby. They have computer aids and instruments but the actual decision making is done by a human operator.  The plant had several safety system upgrades after the Fukushima tidal wave event.