Posted on Jan 24, 2018
The directors of the Benton Harbor Sunrise Rotary Foundation, appointed by the club last December, met for the first time in 2018.  The first order of business was the election of officers for calendar year 2018.  The officers are:
Lee Scherwitz, president
Dave Bly, vice-president
Ellen Russell, secretary
Bob Elliott, treasurer
The other directors are Mel Burton, Alice Ford and Mike Kinney.
The foundation begins the year with the following fund balances:
General Fund,  $4,555
Sailing Scholarship Fund:  $1,189
Endowment Fund:  $7,500
Thanksgiving Fund :  $8
Arnoldine School Fund:  $1,150
Interact Dominican Trip Fund:  $0
BH Alumni Athlete Scholarship Fund $0
Total of all funds:  $14.402