Posted on Jul 24, 2019
The Benton Harbor High School Interact team just returned from a two-week trip to Cuba. Larry Jackson, left, lead the trip which included chaperone, Mshannon Rockette, and students, Qiyamah and Tamia.  Not shown are chaperone Sarah Stocker, students Quincy and Christopher, and club leader Felicia Smith.
   A highlight of the trip was playing soccer with kids at a park near the AirBnB. Even though they didn't have a shared language they figured it out together. For the service part of the trip the team delivered books to several schools.  They were prevented, however, from meeting with the students.
     The Interactors  were shocked by the poverty, and soon grew tired of rice and beans. They took in the sights with the help of a guide, learned a little Spanish with daily lessons, and become a "family". The host and chef made life a little easier.  They learned that in the Cuban system many people had to work two jobs: one for the government, without pay,  and another one to put food on the table. Most jobs paid $20-30 per month. The photos from the trip will be added to this story and our website in an update to this story.