Posted on Jul 11, 2018
Dr. Trevor Kubatzke  has been president of Lake Michigan College for nearly a year.  He made his first visit to Rotary to present an update on the college. He was happy to find his new college had the lowest tuition within 100 miles, was ready to open its viticulture center with 25 students, offered a residence hall with apartment style rooms, including laundry.  The college also is ready to close on the purchase of the Western Michigan University building on the campus.  It will become the business education center.  Classrooms are also changing to offer live, live streaming and stored video for later review and study.  A flat tire will not cause a student to miss class!  Three classrooms are now operational; plans are to update all the classrooms.  LMC awarded its first bachelor degree.  Benton Harbor promise students are doing much better with the Start to Finish initiative.