Posted on Dec 13, 2017
Momono Sakura is the club's Rotary Youth Exchange student from Higashiouni, Japan, a town the size of Kalamazoo, located about 2 hours southwest of Tokyo. Her first love in running.  She won a medal in the Rotary Pumpkin 5k shortly after her arrival and joined the track and cross-country team. Her family includes her father, a welder, her mother, city commissioner, and an older sister. She attends an online school in Japan and is in the 10th grade at St. Joseph High School. She used an innovative way to talk about Japanese culture: she conducted a survey, asking students at school to vote on several suggestions, such as rice, cherry blossom trees, sushi and many more.  On rice, she said it is part of each meal, breakfast, lunch and dinner. She noted that her last name means Cherry Blossom.  Sushi was the number one association students had with Japanese culture.