Posted on Dec 20, 2017
Philip Freeman, superintendent of Lakeshore Public Schools, was at Rotary as a spokesperson for the Reading Now Network.  The network is the result of efforts at a regional level to improve results. Superintendents in the ISD cooperate to drive results. They determined that five key principles are necessary
  • Uncompromising focus on reading
  • Data used deeply
  • Shared leadership - Sustained commitment
  • Classroom management focused on learning
  • Collective responsibility for every child's success
Along the way they learned it's not about:
  • Class size
  • Condition of building
  • District size
  • Building size
  • Technology resources
  • Principal's resume
  • A Specific Program
  • A Special reading intervention
What children need is 90 minutes of reading every day. Current Initiatives include professional development, principal coaching, lab schools and classroom libraries. This last item adds 30 minutes of reading time to each day by eliminating trips to the media center.  Books on the buses also increasing reading.