Posted on Sep 05, 2018
Our own club’s Marcy Hamilton, a planner with the Southwest Michigan Planning Commission, is engaged in a project for the Ox Creek Watershed. The creek flows through Benton Township and Benton Harbor before emptying into the Paw Paw River. The creek is considered by some as the most polluted in the area.  It is also prone to flash flows which destroy the creeks organisms that promote plant and fish life. Run off from Orchards Mall area is a focus area.  It has 34% impervious surfaces, (roofs, streets and parking lots).
    A phase I grant will begin to reduce the runoff. Brookfield Dodge will reduce its parking and replace asphalt with a green area or rain garden to hold runoff on site. Wightman Associates has made a similar swap.  For more information visit www.SustainOx