Posted on Mar 21, 2018
Sister Paulita and Martha Thieneman from the Readiness Center made a return visit to Rotary. Martha provided an overview in preparation for sister Paulita's final year in 2018-2019. Our Foundation has provided three grants to aid the efforts of the Readiness Center.  For thirty-five years Sister Paulita has been preparing youth for school.  Along the way she expanded her efforts to include parents and teens, working to produce successful citizens through education.  She puts in a little fun and work to make sure the education is well rounded.  She serves about one-hundred families.  All her services are free; the teens must volunteer to mentor or do housekeeping to earn their place in City Kids afternoon program. Many of her charges are with the center through out their entire school years. How well do her students do?  They do great! with 97% graduating high school. Learn more, donate or volunteer by clicking here.  St. John's Catholic Church allows the use of the Readiness center rent and utilities free.