Terry Allen, PDG, returned to our club to relate a very personal story. Last January his wife Liz's father, Walter Zielke, passed away at age 97.  The Allens were suprised to find an autobiography in his papers.  Walter wrote about farm life in his village. Terry was immediately attracted to a hand drawn map of the village where Walter grew up.  The village was labeled Kosemuhl, Pomerani in Prussia.  That map set the Allens on a journey of discovery, trying to trace the roots of Liz's family. The task was made more difficult as this part of the world was overrun first by Germans, then Russian and finaly became part of Poland.  All the current maps have Polish names.  Kosemuhl was no where. Terry was able search the northern part of Poland and use the river Backowitz and the road features to locate the village.  It's name today is Kozin.  Terry and Liz traveled there and were able to recover some wonderful phots and documents.  The waterwheel powered mill is still operating and the operator was able to connect Terry and Liz to her father's past.  Below are photos of Kozehuml and Walter with his parents and brother.

Every story must have purpose.  In this case, Terry's message was to not repeat Walter's secrecy.  He advised: Document things, Share them, Ask questions and Explore your family history.