Posted on Jun 07, 2017

Dr. Loren Hamel, MD, president and CEO of Lakeland Health, is leading the biggest rebuilding program in the hospital's history. This renovation/expansion includes new operating rooms, new ICU, four story patient wing and relocated visitor entrance and emergency area.  Interior traffic will be greatly improved, the parking garage will add one more floor and a roof for year-round covered parking.

In other news, Lakepoint apartments are filling up fast, including 60 residents physicians in four specialties, in three year rotations, and 32 families from the community. The waiting list is over 100.

Dr. Hamel explained how Medicaid works in Michigan: hospitals are assessed a contribution amount and the Federal government matches it 5 to 1.  The State does not used General Fund revenues for Medicare.  The current ACA reduced reimbursements but expanded enrollments.  Changes under consideration now are unknown.