Posted on May 10, 2017
Our own club member, Eddie Marshall, is president and founder of Toys for the Needy, a 501c(3) nonprofit. His organization is not focused on recreational toys as you might suspect - and the need is not financial but a need to learn how to read. Research has shown that poor readers have troubled outcomes later.  Eddie's "toys" are various mobile devices loaded with apps that make learning to read fun. He works two tracks: 1) trying to change the culture by increasing parental involvement in the child's reading abilities, and 2) working with schools to target those falling behind in reading skills and equip them with tablets or other devices to bring them up to grade level. Photo from Countryside Academy. The club members applauded Eddie's efforts and intends to request a district grant to help advance his program.
Join the effort! Send a donation to Toys for the Needy and Aid, PO Box 8831 Benton Harbor, MI 49023.