Posted on Oct 16, 2019
Ron Goldy, Michigan State University Extension Services, announced that we have the best growers in the world, but we also have the worst consumers.  Most people don’t know where our food comes from.  A few statistics about farming were presented:
  • In the 1880’s, 80% of the population were farmers.
  • In the 1930’s, one farmer fed four people.
  • Now, 2% of are population are farmers.
  • Now, one farmer feeds 155 people.
The MSU Extention office is working to provide farm to table information to our population.  They have created 8-9 videos that last 2 – 3 minutes which can be shown in waiting rooms, schools, churches, youth organizations, etc.  They are available on flash drives and YouTube. 
We watched three videos; one video that showed the bare field, planting 36 rows at a time, a tractor with GPS to accurately seed the field, weed removal, pest control, pollination, harvesting, and the bottling process.  This farmer had $4 million invested in his tractors and attachments.  The videos are available here.
The second video was farm to table for grapes to Welches Grape Juice.  The third video was farm to table for blueberries.