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Jan 29, 2020
Safe Shelter
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Special Notices

No Breakfast Meetings on January 29th
Join us at Silver Beach Pizza Fundraiser
January 29th, all day, dine in or carry out
20% of food and drinks will be donated to our Rotary for community projects
Please print and bring the coupon below to show your waitstaff member.
Meetings: Wednesdays, 7 am, Elks Lodge, 601 Riverview, Benton Harbor, MI 49023
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Stories in this issue

Keeping Your Bones in Balance

Journey from Grief to Power

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Keeping Your Bones in Balance
 Sherry Decker, left and Abby Dill, physical therapist for Lakeland Health, talk about the wellness class for those with low bone density. Bones are living tissue that continue to regenerate.  Osteoporosis can interfere causing more porous bones. A bone scan is one way to check for the condition. Exercise is a critical part of any treatment regimen. Balance is important to prevent falls on fragile bones.  "Bones in Balance" classes are offered on Tuesday and Thursday. Contact Lakeland for more details.
Journey from Grief to Power
Ronnika "RJ" Williams, is content creator / photographer, for Final 48 Project. She is a videographer who built on the loss of her own father to talk about grief as part of a project at Duke University. She promised her own father that she would return to grad school, write children’s book/series, and produce documentaries. In her study she videotaped other black women who had lost their fathers. Her hypothesis was that grief isn't verbalized in the black community. RJ closed her presentation emphasizing the importance of coping with grief, and how her original promise led to success in accomplishing goals/promises made to father. You can get a better feel for what she did by visiting her web site:
She is currently doing additional work with several local organizations including Lori's Place although her full time job is at the Boys and Girls Club.
Thanks to Ogden Wright and Alice Ford for the content and photo.