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Mar 18, 2020
Mar 25, 2020 7:00 AM
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Mar 19, 2020
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Special Notices

No Regular Meetings on March 18, and 25, 2020
Livery Event Postponed.
Join us at the Livery on 3/19, 5-8 pm
Meetings: Wednesdays, 7 am, Elks Lodge, 601 Riverview, Benton Harbor, MI 49023
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Stories in this issue

Learning a Language

Emma Kinnard Joins Rotary

Michael Smith Rejoins  Rotary

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Learning a Language

Our own club's Lee Scherwitz did a TED talk on Polyglots.  Polyglots are people who learn many languages.  The focus of the TED talk was how to learn a language. First, start speaking from day one.  Learn simple phrases like how are you?  Where is the bathroom?  Please and Thank you. 

Polyglots have one thing in common.  It is not how to learn.  Everyone has their own unique way to learn.  And everyone has some activity that gives them joy. So, second,  So use that joy.  For example, listen to an audio book in the language you want to learn.  Find unexpected time to dedicate to your plan.  And use that method.

Third, create a system/plan that includes that method every day. And stick to it.

This leads us to the fourth step:  be patient with yourself.  Set reasonable goals.  Take your learning into your own hands.  Be sure to track your learning so you can actually see results. 

To review the Ted Talk by Lydia Machova click here.

Emma Kinnard Joins Rotary
Emma Kinnard, right, with Dyann Chenault after a presentation to the club.  Emma is a retired classroom assistant from Benton Harbor Area Schools.  She also owns Emma's Horticultural and Floral Creations, and she is the director and founder of Fresh Start Children's Garden.  Although Emma has not had previous experience in Rotary, our club has helped her with Fresh Start. She is involved in a lot of community activities including gardening, landscaping and sitting on some City of Benton Harbor Boards.  Emma wants to join  Rotary so she can "be involved in giving back in any area possible." Cindy Kinney  is her sponsor. Emma, Welcome to Rotary.
Michael Smith Rejoins Rotaty
Michael Smith returned to Benton Harbor Sunrise Rotary today.  He was a member 20 years ago and wants to return.  He was heartily welcomed by several members.  He is a residential builder.  Welcome Back!