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Jul 21, 2018
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Meetings: Wednesdays, 7 am, Elks Lodge, 601 Riverview, Benton Harbor, MI 49023
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Momono Recaps Youth Exchange Year
Pumpkin Rehab Complete
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Momono Recaps Youth Exchange Year
Momono Sakura, on the left with two friends from St. Joe High, returned to her host club to make her final presentation. Her highlights were too numerous to recount here but a few will probably stick with her for a long time.  She loved: shopping in South Bend; traveling to Chicago for a Cubs game and the stage performance of Hamilton; visiting Disney World, the Grand Canyon and more. She took pride in offering a Japanese Culture Class at school. The shyness she exhibited on her arrival last July was completely absent this time.  She reported that she had performed a Japanese dance at the recent RYE talent show.  She had words of praise and love for her two host moms, Kelly and Kim.  She plans to offer an English language course when she returns to Japan. Shown below she was recognized  by president Joseph Taylor for her fine presentation.
Pumpkin Rehab Complete
From left, Julie, Eddie, Lee, Dyann, Michael, Brian and Dave were on the assembly line to rehab the racing pumpkins for use in the Great Pumpkin Festival Race/Raffle.  Also helping were Sue, Cindy and Bob.