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Feb 26, 2020
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Mar 18, 2020
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Stories in this issue

History of Jamaica

Include Rotary in your Travel Plans

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History of Jamacia
Dalton Wright provided a brief history of Jamaica. It is the third larges island in the Caribbean Sea.  There were indigenous people there when Columbus discovered it in 1494.  The plantation owners planned on the indigenous people to work on the plantations, but they all died from the diseases brought in.  That’s when the African people were imported. 
  When the Spanish were expelled by the British, the people of the African Ashanti Tribe took advantage of their knowledge and expertise in guerilla warfare.  Queen Nanny of  Ghana and the Maroons were able to defeat the British in 1801 in a famous battle, and therefore, treaties were made.  The treaties were broken and Sam Shark, an educated man, knew the slaves could be liberated.  He started a huge rebellion in 1834 which killed a lot of British so the slaves were all declared free.
Jamaica became an independent country in 1962, although they still follow the protocol of the Monarchy.
  Over the years, Jamaica has had a lot of immigrants from many countries including China, Germany, and Irish plus many more countries.  It has become a very inclusive country with a strong belief in multiculturalism. 
Story by Dyann Chenault.
Include Rotary in your Travel Plans
  Ed Arnold, Laporte Indiana Rotary, was our guest speaker.   He joined Rotary in 1985 and has been assistant governor in his district.  He was on a Rotary Group Studies Program 35 years ago.  That program has been phased out but he was involved in projects to get sewing machines for women, mattresses for Mother Theresa, and Polio Plus.
  He had an outstanding memory in the Caribbean when he was asked to help a club move from one district to another.  Another was when he was in Calcutta, India and needed to catch a train.  He asked a stranger for directions, and the stranger was a Rotarian who took him to the train, changed his hotel reservations, and provided dinner.  In Mexico he asked about a plastic surgeon and a doctor and both turned out to be Rotarians who did really good jobs. 
  His message was to always include Rotary in your travels. Whenever you go anywhere, go to a Rotary meeting.  You never know who you might meet.