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Be Counted Berrien

Giving the Gift of Hearing

Ogden Wright Joins Rotary

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Be Counted Berrien
Kathy Stady is the census hub coordinator for Berrien County. She was joined by her boss, Lisa Cripps-Downey, executive director of Berrien Community Foundation (BCF). Their project is called Be Counted Berrien, an effort to maximize the 2020 Census count. There are 20% of the potential count that is at risk for a variety of reasons. In Benton Harbor and Benton Heights it's over 30% at risk. This means that all the federally funded programs have 20% or $44 million of their funds at risk.
    BCF will be organizing non-profit organization to make sure their clients are included in the census.
One factor affecting the count is fear the census information will be shared with law enforcement or immigration. Kathy confirmed that data is confidential and not shared. A $250,000 fine applies for any disclosure.
The census is only 9 questions, without citizenship or income questions. This census will be internet first priority.
Key Dates:
  March 12, Census letter to every address
  April 30, start of door-to-door canvas.
  July - end of data collection.
Ogden Wright Joins Rotary
Ogden Wright was inducted into Rotary by Cindy Kinney, president. Ogden was born in Kingston Jamaica and immigrated to the US to pursue an engineering degree.  He's now a civil engineer working for Abonmarche in Benton Harbor.  He was an Interactor and Cub Scout in his youth so he knows the value of Rotary and has a heart for service. He lives in St. Joseph. His sponsor is Marcy Hamilton. Welcome Ogden!.
Giving the Gift of Hearing
Dr. Gulf Kasewurm, St. Joseph audiologist, returned to Rotary to discuss her recent trip to Peru for the Starkey Hearing Foundation. Working with local Rotary clubs in five cities, they fit and tested free hearing aids to 20,000 adults and children, about a 50/50 mix of children and adults. She also reported new initiatives in Africa where there are few audiologist. An institute has been formed to train more specialists.  And last year, with local funding support, she conducted her first clinic for 100 patients. She hopes to repeat the local event in June 2020. To learn more or donate click hear.