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Benton Harbor-Sunrise
United States of America

The Great Pumpkin Festival/Raffle is almost here!  We will need some help setting up and selling Halloween decorations and raffle tickets throughout the day, so here is our plan:

8 am-  Breakfast at Thornton's Cafe (This is, in my opinion, the best Rotary day of the year to have the set-up crew swap stories and tales over breakfast.  Please join us just for the fun...)

9:30 am-  Set up tables and chairs and Halloween decorations on the bluff near Krasl 

10 am-  Sell, Sell, Sell decorations and raffle tickets until 2 pm.  (COVID-19 eliminated food sales and pumpkin decorating.  We will also not set up the pumpkin pool this year due to cancellation of the St Joe Today Fall Festival.  However, we will be selling raffle tickets and I will remind everyone historically half the tickets sold occurs during this time.  Schedule an hour or two to sell your tickets on the bluff.)

pm-  Raffle drawing and take down of tables and chairs.

Weather for the 19th is expected to be nearly perfect with mostly sunny skies and temperature in the low 60's...  Great Pumpkin Weather, for sure.

To help out, simply register for the event, join the set-up crew for breakfast, or drop in anytime between 10 am to 2 pm.  This is a wonderful Rotary opportunity to socialize with fellow Rotarians.....