Posted on May 23, 2018
Scott Chrispell, manager of electronics research & engineering, had the answer to our question.  LECO is a shortened version of Laboratory Equipment Corporation.  The company was founded by Carl Shultz and George Krasl in 1936.  Today descendants Carl and Chris Warren manage this family owned business with 600 employees in southwest Michigan and 1,400 world wide.  LECO’s first product was an analyzer that measured the carbon content of steel, a very important parameter.  LECO continued to focus on analytical instruments that focused on increasing quality of production or efficiency.  Their reputation and expertise led to expansion in to other production areas.  Today they make equipment for metals, energy, mining, food and managing the environment.
LECO is vertically integrated, making it own enclosures, controls, electronics, sensors, software and more. Of course today they have apps for iPhones for remote access and management.
   Scott described the new building going up on Hilltop road as a customer experience center.
   Last year was LECO’s first entry in the Great Bed Race put on by Rotary and Slumberland.  Scott is promising a faster bed this year and a team that will be better prepared for the competition.